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Frequently Asked Questions - About ANWA
FAQs - About ANWA


The name American Night Writers Association has a two-fold meaning. The first reflects the typical situation of the LDS woman who yearns to write: she is a daughter, student, wife, mother, career woman, or caretaker before she is a writer. In most cases, the only time left to write is at night. The second meaning derives from the fact that sometimes the words to write come in promptings from the Holy Spirit during the night.

  • Nurturing support for writing aspirations
  • A faith-based view of the world and our responsibilities as writers
  • A monthly newsletter, Of Good Report
  • Access to ANWA's e-mail critique and social lists
  • Contact with other LDS women writers
  • Monthly chapter meetings in person or online
  • Marketing, publicity, and networking opportunities and contacts
  • Contests and writing challenges
  • Collaborators for projects
  • An annual writing conference to which the general public is invited

ANWA has several chapters meeting in the metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona area (including daytime chapters); and in other communities in Arizona, Utah, Washington State, and Maine. We also have online chapters covering North America. For information about current or prospective ANWA chapters, or about forming a new one, click here.

Songwriter Joan Sowards wrote "Write Here, Write Now" for one of our ANWA Writers' Conferences, and it has become our official song. Click here for options to download your choice of 2 MP3 files of the song or to print it out.

ANWA was designed with the LDS woman writer in mind. Over the years, we have received pleas for and questions about the availability of an ANWA chapter for LDS men writers. We have tried—unsuccessfully—to help men form their own writing group. With the advent of websites, e-mail, and group lists and newsletters, we invite men to find a comfortable place, elsewhere, through a web search for LDS or LDS fiction or LDS writers or something similar. Yahoo!Groups has several LDS-oriented writing clubs in their listings.