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The American Night Writers Association (ANWA) is a peer network for women who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and are interested in writing. Our purpose is to encourage, assist, educate, and motivate members to write, and, if they desire, to publish their works.
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Executive President’s Message

Welcome to the home site of the American Night  Writers Association, Inc. (ANWA)

Our goal is to bring light into the  world, one woman and one word at a time. Although we are a peer network for LDS  Women Writers, we welcome all writers to our Annual Writers Conference. It's  open to the general public, men and women, ANWA members and non-members alike.  Our 2013 Conference is scheduled for February 21st -23rd, 2013 in Mesa, Arizona.  Come join us to hone your talents and network with other writers and national  editors, agents, and publishers!


ANWA strives to help writers develop their talents,  to uplift others with our writing, and to support one another. We are also fans  of chocolate. We look forward to writing with you. Come join ANWA and/or  register for our upcoming Writers Conference!


Janette Rallison


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ANWA’s 22nd Annual Writers Conference Mesa Hilton, February 20-22, 2014 
“Time Out For Writers.”This conference is held annually in the Phoenix area and is open to the public. Attendees can participate in a query/pitch workshop, attend two full days of classes with industry professionals, enter our “BOB” contest (Beginning of Book) and win fabulous prizes, and pitch their work to both national and local agents and editors. Register Now!