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2013 Conference




The 2013 ANWA conference is complete, and everyone learned a lot and had a tremendously fun time! At the moment, everyone's resting and rediscovering the restorative powers of chocolate, but photos will be up soon, and articles about the conference will be coming out in the April, May, and June editions of the newsletter.


In case you've forgotten, or don't know, the newsletter can be accessed online in the Members Only section of the website. Make sure you're signed in (the login link is at the top of every page),  then click Members Only in the menu on the right side of the page, then click the Newsletters button on the top row.


If you had a wonderful time at the conference, but are not a member of ANWA, now is a great time to join! While monthly chapter meetings are on a much smaller scale than the conference, you'll still have the benefits of learning about writing and having an opportunity for critiques of your work. Begin your membership today by clicking on the Join ANWA link at the top of the page!